Candy Dribble


  • Skin: .tsg. Ganguro :: C tone (Group Gift – Fee To Join)
  • Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Sweet Cupcake Dress NEW!!! (ABPO3 Hunt)
  • Heels: KR Design – Elvina All-Gold NEW!!! – Tysm Kylie ❤
  • Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Bunny hair NEW!!! – Tysm Ikira ❤
  • Eyes: Chus! Lune Lens in Baby (Group Gift) NEW!!!
  • Eye Liner: Pink Acid Party Eye Liner – White NEW!!! (ABPO3 Hunt)
  • Lip Gloss: Pink Acid Donut Glazed Lip Gloss Dry – Pinky NEW!!! (ABPO3 Hunt)
  • Cotton Candy: {Sugar Heart} Cotton Candy (100L$)
  • Knee Sprinkles: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Rainbow Birthday Sprinkles (Group Gift)
  • Nails: Action Sweet Tooth Slink Nails NEW!!! – Tysm Maz ❤

Helllllo 🙂 Ok so there’s quite a few goodies in this bunch, American Bazaar is having their 3rd anniversary, so happy birthday to you guys 🙂 and they’re holding a hunt where 30 designers have participated and you can take a look here: However this post will mainly be about these gorgeoussss NEW heels! Now I know you may think they’re a bit pricey but hold your horses! These heels come with SO many options, it comes with a heel of course, then you can choose whether you want a strap around your ankle or no strap. Butttt wait for the good part, you can ALSO choose whether you want a heel or not, so if you choose the no heel option, you are left with, yes.. Mesh socks on, and mesh socks of your choice or mesh socks and pantyhose – There are 27 pantyhose colors, then there are 37 ankle socks to choose from, then there are 18 bobby socks to choose from, then 16 lace socks to choose from. So you have an ENDLESS choice to pick through, whatever your mood or outfit, these heels have it! It’s not finished there though, SL have a new materials viewer where if you have this, these heels have that extra detail, unfortunately I don’t have it otherwise I’d show you guys, but please, demo these babies and buy them :D. Thank you for reading <3.


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