• Skin: FAKE :: Violet Skin :: – Caramel NEW!!! @ The Dressing Room Fusion (70L$)
  • Eyes: .tsg. Dark Skies – Light Brown (Group Gift – Fee To Join)
  • Outfit: ~Soedara~ Strength of Atikamekw NEW!!! – Tysm Marbella ❤
  • Hair: [e] Richelle NEW!!!
  • Eyebrows: [theSkinnery]Pencil brows-elegant
  • Neck Stitches: :Z.S: :Z.S: Neck Stitches NEW!!! – Tysm Isis ❤
  • Piercing: :Z.S:  The Eye Piercing NEW!!! – Tysm Isis ❤
  • Eyelashes: Action Mesh Dolly Lashes BLACK – Tysm Maz ❤
  • Nails: N-core MANICURE-Mesh Nails NEW!!! – Tysm Nuri ❤


Hiiii! OMG PLEASE you must take a look at this outfit I really am not doing justice to it, this is a whole list of what it comes with Strength of Atikamekw comes with the following items:
1. Rigged mesh Skirt. Etched into the surface are flowers and vines. 2. Rigged mesh Hip Wrap. Etched into the surface are flowers and vines. 3. Rigged mesh sexy one shoulder top. 4. Clothing layer top. 5. LOLA Tango Applier 6. Fur/Leather boots. Short & Taller version. Unrigged mesh 7. Fur gloves with sturdy leather edges. Rigged mesh 8. Elbow long Knit gloves. Clothing layer. 9. Leg Rings jewelry 10. Gold Upperarm Rings (Left&Right) 11. Meshed Red metal Upperarm Bracelets (Left&Right) 12. Belly Piercing with a stone set in a cage-like jewel. Attached to it, feathers. 13. Feather earrings 14. Bronze Ring Necklace 15. Face chain Jewel. A stone set in a cage-like jewel and small chains hanging down your cheeks. 16. Body/Face Ancient Symbol Tattoo in Red. (No Mod). For 450L$ I am telling you, you can never ever go wrong with Marbellas items, NEVER!!!!


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