N-Core @ Shoetopia


Heel 1:
N-core DESIRE “Black Leopard” (Mesh)

Heel 2:
N-core DESIRE “Fatpack 16 colors” (Mesh)

Heel 3:
N-core DESIRE “Leopard” (Mesh)

Heel 4:
N-core GLANCE “Fatpack 20 colors” (Mesh)

Heel 5:
N-core VERTIGO “Fatpack 20 colors” (Mesh)


Hi there, N-Core does it again with not only 1 but 5 new releases for, Shoetopia. 100% of all sales will be given to charity, so you feel good about your spend :). If this is the first time you are purchasing something from N-Core you’d be delighted it comes with the Click&Match web system, which has been updated and there are now 32 skin stores added onto the HUD of the heels. So if your skin is on the HUD you simply click onto it, follow the instructions and your skin will be matched. Each of these heels come in their own unique styles and colors, for example all of the ‘Desire’ heels come with a chain option and you can have it on and off. The glance comes in two tones which you can pick from and the Vertigo comes with a open toe and closed toe option. So there is plenty to choose from with this beautiful collection.


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