Review Policy

Thank you so much to the store owners who have picked me to review their items, I appreciate it highly. If you would like to send me anything then please send me a notecard with the item to Shennn.

I review practically anything, however if you’ve looked at my blog you’ll see my style is quite mixed, I can go from really cute to really dark looking – LOL!

I love kawaii, gyaru, lolita, dark, twisted, girly, pretty, classy, sexy, cute, censored, gorean and fantasy things.

I am open to helping out with suggestions also, so please do feel free to send me a NC or IM, I will always get back to you.

However, if I have been sent something and I cannot work with it then please don’t be offended, some things scream inspiration to me whereas the others, no matter what I do with it, it’s hard to make it work, I’m sorry if this happens.

Some time I may take longer than anticipated to blog your items, please understand I have a very busy schedule in RL and I do TRY my best to get everything I am sent blogged in a very decent time frame.

If I blog for you, you can also see my images here Flickr.

Thank you for your time ♥

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